I started creating and I want you to be a part of it. Wanna know why? Because you have had your dreams when you were little, just like me. Now it is time to say f*ck it and discover this world together.

Take that risk. And now you’re here, let’s make it our world. 
Welcome you.



It’s Saturday!! They are my favorite. Waking up, doing some yoga and having breakfast in the sun with my morning tea. Heading out in my comfy outfit, on my way to the girls for our Saturday coffee date. Talking through our week, our love stories and just enjoying the little things in life together. Showing them my new designs, which I love creating for you. Getting some fresh flowers, putting the fresh fruits and veggies in my Kate bag. Back home I will bake some banana bread so the whole house smells like it, ugh wish you could smell it. Then it’s time for a night out. Putting on my favorite music, drinking red wine and a little dance while doing my make-up and hair, it’s a vibe. I will get one of my Renver bags. Put some gloss, mints and parfume in it and I’m ready to go! Now I wanna know your favorite day, talk to me!
See you when I see you. Love, Renver



We had our first photoshoot for our first collection. Oh my days, seeing our favorite team working on our dream was amazing. The bags really came to life. We wish you were there!

We made a view behind the scenes pictures.
Like you were there with us a bit.